Professional Krysta

I truly believe in being a well-rounded individual and my work experience reflects that. As I mentioned above, I started my entrepreneur's journey when I was 17, giving horseback riding lessons, even though I didn't know it back then.

After that, I dabbled in quite a few different jobs. I tried the "corporate" route and worked at a bank for several months but it just never "clicked" for me. So, I did what any 20 something year old would do and took off on an adventure.

I traveled on and off for the next several years while going to college. When I came home from traveling in the fall of 2016, I decided I should probably do something with my adult life and the degree I worked so hard for. So what did I do? I started a business of course.

I used the knowledge I already had and filled a market in my hometown. Three years later and I am thriving! I have also started and worked for several other businesses over the last three years.

Currently, I manage my own set of social media marketing clients, I co-manage client with another firm, Zenith Marketing and Sales, and I am also an Account Manager with Cowboy Lifestyle Network.

If you want to talk business, I would love to chat!